High School

Every year numerous students return home after completing a high school program abroad. During the course of their studies, they have made new friends, accumulated enriching experiences and can speak and understand English almost fluently. Long after their gap-year is complete, many students testify that their year abroad was a one-off experience that matured and better prepared them for entry into the world of further education and work. LSI offer teenagers and young adults the unique opportunity to learn a language in the country where it is spoken. LSI prepares each student individually for his or her high school program - from the initial assessment to the final orientation and beyond. During the high school program we liaise with both partner organizations abroad and parents at home. We issue certificates to each returning student and are more than happy to meet them again and hear of their adventures after they return.

As the majority of our high school clients are German speaking, the relevant pages are available in German only. Should you require specific information in English please contact Ian Cryer.